Download user created maps:

To play, simply drop the downloaded .lua file into the Maps/ folder in your game's save directory. If you can't find it, check out the wiki.

"Smalltown1" by Admin (Download)

The first of the official maps. Download to see how to create your own challenge maps!

"Smalltown2" by Admin (Download)

The second one of the official maps that come with the game.

"Smalltown3" by Admin (Download)

And the third one of the Smalltown-Series. This one is more advanced - if you want to create more advanced maps, check out this file as an example!

"SmallTown4" by hajo4 (Download)

Challenge-map for trAInsported, "SmallTown4", size 10x7: move all passengers to the store.

Unauthorized maps:

The following maps have not yet been authorized. This means they could not work, or break the game, or worse. Use at your own risk! Or come back later when they have been authorized.

"test" by 0b21a (Download)


"TinyTown" by hajo4 (Download)

Small map 5x3 (quick rendering) for testing AIs.

"TinyTown1" by hajo4 (Download)

small map 5x3 (quick rendering) for testing AIs.
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